About WLT

WLT offers water as a service. Based on its water from air technology WLT is able to produce ultrapure water in scalable amounts anywhere, anytime. The platform technology was developed in cooperation with the German Fraunhofer IGB and is perfect for the creation of ecosystems in any industrial design even in arid areas. Thus, WLT is not only able to play an essential role in an existing water management system, but also to positively influence and expand it in a sustainable way for the environment. Together with renewable energies and an own financing concept WLT meets essential DSG categories. WLT Deutschland is the marketing and distribution company of WLT International and responsible for the acquisition of WLT projects.

anywhere everytime

anywhere everytime

WLT as platform technology

  • Resource-efficient, sustainable
  • Environmentally friendly (emission free)
  • Allows products/productions at locations that did not exist there before
  • Everything is reduced to water, heat, energy
  • For every industrial development (hydrogen, agriculture, biotech, settlement)

WLT as solution

  • Modular, flexible, scalable system
  • Easy to integrate in planned or existing industrial ecosystems
  • Easy to deploy with pre-manufactured items, locally maintained and centrally controlled
  • Design tool for quick sizing of plants and prediction of system performance and yield
  • Developed jointly with the German Fraunhofer Institute (www.fraunhofer.de)

anywhere everytime


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